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Bulk SMS Features

Bulk SMS Features


A7z Soft Ltd. is leading provider of SMS Services and mobile solutions, we provide high quality routes to most operators across the globe, with our Robust SMS platform and our direct connections to more than 400 operators and carriers you can make sure your SMS is always delivered at competitive prices.

We are specialized in mission critical traffic, A2P and high volumes clients (wholesale).

With more than 10 years of experience and outstanding customer service we provide our clients worldwide with quality, reliability and guaranteed delivery.


1- Competitive Prices

2-100% Delivery

3-Direct Connections to operators

4-International routes to lot of destinations at 0.002 euro per SMS

5-SMPP and HTTP accounts directly

6-200 SMS/s speed by default


1-White label reseller solution.

2- Easy to use online system that supports 1million SMS sending in on click

3-Our SMS gateway is Easy to integrate with any software, application or database.

4- Online users activity, delivery reports and tracking tools.

5-Advanced alerting system for credits, SMS Usage and reports.

6- Advanced SMS campaign scheduling

7-Advanced message customization from web portal

8- 24/7 Support                                

                         Special Application for SMS 

A7z Soft Ltd.One of the leading Customized SMS Application developing Company In Bangladesh as well as only one SMS gate way provider in Bangladesh

Our Recent Developed SMS Applications are: 

1.Auto SMS Attendance Application on School/College/University  Management

2.SMS application on Sales, Marketing & Customer Relation

3.Auto Money receipt Gate way Application

4.Coaching Centre payment Application

4.SMS invoice management Application

5.Reminder Notification Application

6.Madecine Alert Application

7.Customized portal management Application

8.Speed SMS application

9.Mobile phone SMS Application

10.Reseller Application (Master)

11.Reseller Application (Common)

12.SMS Management Application

13.Campagin management Application

14.Service and Billing System Application

15.Desktop (Offline) Application

16.Word/Excel Application

17.Multi user based Accounts Application

18.Presentation/schedule based application

19.Any Customized Apps for Mobile

20.Any Customized Application


Common Features:

One Dedicated Account Manager

Full Featured Control Panel

Sub-Account Creation and Maintenance

Schedule SMS

Group SMS

Address Book Manager

Different SMS in Different Destinations

Blast SMS to send Bulk SMS

Store SMS in Draft

160 Characters per SMS (Max 459 Characters Supports)

TXT, XLS, CSV file Support

Send SMS using your Mobile Number

Flash SMS & Unicode SMS

SMS Delivery Reports (Delivered/ Pending/ Undelivered)

48 Hours Default SMS Sending Queue

Detailed SMS Summary in Dashboard

Supports All GSM Operators

24/7 Technical Support

Hassle Free Pre-Paid Billing System

Cash and Bank Payment Option

Branding/Masking is applicable  on Banglalink and teletalk

And many more Exciting Features.

                                                                        Features in detail

Unlimited Groups and Contacts

In our A7z Bulk SMS service, you can create unlimited groups for sending group SMS with unlimited contacts:

Long SMS Support

Our A7z  Bulk SMS Service supports Long SMS which contains 750 characters (maximum) or 5 SMS of international standard which contain 150 characters each. Among the 5 SMS, first SMS is the length of 160 characters. But if the user crosses 160 characters mark then it will be counted as two standard SMS of 150 characters each and so on.

Bangla SMS Support

A7z Bulk SMS service supports sending Bangla SMS which contain 325 unicode characters(maximum) or 5 Standard Unicode SMS which contain 65 characters each. Among the 5 Standard Unicode SMS, the first SMS is the length of 70 characters. But if the sender cross 70 characters mark, then it will be counted as two standard unicode SMS of 65 charachter each and so on.

Multiple Gateway Backup System

We have dedicated multiple gateway backup system for sending SMS without any kinds of trouble or delay. Suppose your SMS is being sent through Grameenphone Gateway but unfortunately, for some reasons, this gateway is down then automatically your SMS will be sent through Banglalink gateway. If, for some reasons, Banglalink Gateway is down then your SMS will be sent through Robi gateway and so on. This multiple gateway backup system ensures maximum delivery success without any delay.

Send SMS from Desktop, Mobile and Tab

A7z SMS service website and its SMS sending panel is so responsive and mobile-tab friendly that you can also send SMS from mobile and tab browser comfortably.

Delivery Report Export

A7z  Bulk SMS service, we provide you to export your campaign-wise delivery reports to keep the whole process transparent and trustworthy.

Customizable sender Id (Masking SMS)

To make your messages more recognizable, we introduced Customizable Sender ID (Masking SMS) feature which is commonly known as masking facility. Customizable sender id feature is an operator dependent facility. SMS with Customizable Sender ID (Masking SMS) will support in those contact numbers whose operator supports Masking. In order to send SMS with Customizable Sender ID (Masking SMS), at first user have to request a sender ID name to the operator.

Send SMS from Excel file

To make life more easy, A7z bulk SMS service provides you to send SMS from excel file. To send SMS from excel file, at first you have to go to “Send SMS” section and then select “Excel SMS” section. Here you will upload your excel file containing your contact numbers.

Scheduled SMS

For more flexibility, A7z Bulks SMS service provides you to send scheduled SMS which means you can predefine when your SMS will be sent to your desired numbers.

Personalized / Templated SMS

To make your SMS more distinguished, we introduced an amazing features in A7z Bulk SMS service that is personalized /templated SMS which enable you to send individual SMS to your contacts in the list. Moreover personalized/templated SMS is only applicable for business automation.

SMS Gateway API Documentation

A7z SMS Service (OSS) is developed to provide a handy way of sending single and bulk messages . You have the option to manage Contact list from your own client panel. Masking and nonmasking both types are supported , We are providing you the opportunity to Send SMS from Excel sheet as well as ordinary way .You can view your report and other statistics in different angles.

bKash Recharge Support

A7z SMS Service allow users to recharge balance using bKash.