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Corporate Advisory Services

Corporate strategy

While many companies have articulated their Vision and Mission, very few have clear strategies to achieve their goals.  We have extensive experience in helping companies formulate effective strategies and guiding organizations in implementing them.


Structure & Governance

We advise on the appropriate form and structure for companies based on their long term business objectives.  We also advise on developing relevant governance structures incorporating adequate span of control, minimizing conflict of interest and establishing effective cross functional operating committees


Operational Risk Management


We specialize in helping clients develop institutional governance, risk and compliance framework, conducting gap analysis and process reviews to identify and assess risks and recommend mitigation plans to address control weaknesses. We enable our clients to become fit for growth and resilient against adverse events and to achieve sustained profitability through reduction of losses and revenue leakages.


By implementing our risk management strategies, toolkits and system solutions, senior management can get holistic view of enterprise-risk landscape, prioritize resource allocation and build strong risk culture through lessons learnt and risk socialization.


We have expertise in evaluating and implementing Operational Risk Management (ORM), Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Risk and Compliance (GRC) system solutions that provide clear and single source of the accurate information to the senior management for informed and risk-based decision-making.


We provide a variety of trainings on thematic and generic governance, risk and information security subject matters


Business Development Advisory Services


Marketing Strategy

We help companies take a holistic approach to developing effective marketing strategies from market research to customer experience. We guide companies through a systematic process of analyzing the market, creating value, communicating and delivering the value, capturing some of the value and finally sustaining the value


Distribution Development

We have in-depth knowledge and knowhow in developing both B2C and B2B distribution models.  We help to formulate sales policies, incentive programs and governance guidelines.  We have extensive experience in developing agency and banc assurance distributions



Insights on consumer behavior and preferences gained through analytics have become the core of most marketing strategies.  We enable our clients to have a better understanding of their clients utilizing advanced analytics and predictive modeling.  Our team of experienced programmers and data scientists have implemented end to end analytics solutions.  We offer customized dashboards, portfolio segmentation, lifecycle management tool -CRM, data & report repository, decision tree, stress testing, workflow and system connectors for multiple industries


Organizational Development Advisory Services


Talent Acquisition Services

In every organization, human capital is one of the most important resources. Ensuring the right talent for the right role is essential for organizational success. We offer a solution to match the right talent with your organizational needs. We can  manage multiple hires within a challenging marketplace using our proven methodology. We deliver seamless, workflow-driven talent acquisition strategies that can help you secure the right talent, effectively.


End to End HR Solutions

We possess expertise in developing integrated HR solutions customized to meet unique requirements of your organization. From designing policies and processes to effectively manage complicated HR processes like succession planning, compensation management, performance management, organization structuring etc to supporting the implementation of end to end HR solutions, our team has extensive experience in many  areas.


Training & Development

We offer support that’s designed to help clients identify their training needs and increase the delivery potential of all your human resources across the organization – field force, entry level, mid-level and top management.  We work closely with our clients to develop bespoke training courses that translate their needs into meaningful and results oriented trainings.


Financial Advisory Services

Cost Management

We provide cost management strategy through process re-engineering, establishing cost culture and operational efficiency. We have expertise in cost minimization in insurance sector by new business automation, efficient claims administration and expenses study of different products


Asset Management

We provide strategy and support for securing both debt and equity funding. We also offer advisory service to create the right balance between debt and equity based on our client’s business.


Financial Process Improvement

We support management to develop an effective and efficient financial process within the organization. We evaluate accounting system design, internal control system and introduce most efficient and cost effective process to reduce inherent risk of the organization.

Our Values

We believe in Listening Respectfully,

Understanding through Analytics

Enabling with Technology


Expression of thought in all that we do