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ERP Software Development

ERP Software Development

Best ERP Software Company in Bangladesh

 ERP, Generally known as Enterprise Resource Planning is one of the most popular business management software that helps to manage your all business activity in a simple way. At first, all government and non-government used manual based accounting and reporting system for their activity. But now-a-days, most of the government and almost all private and multinational companies use ERP Software to track all of their business activity.

We are "A7z Soft Ltd", is one of the leading ERP software company in Bangladesh develop modern ERP software for our clients at a reasonable price. We make your business task easy by including all of your business task management system. You can simply track all of your business activity with this automated software.

What is ERP Software?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a fully automated business software that helps to track and manage different business activity like planning, modeling, manufacturing, services, shipment, costing and much more.

According to Wikipedia, "ERP is a business management software—usually a suite of integrated applications—that a company can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities, including; Product planning, cost and development, Manufacturing or service delivery, Marketing and sales, Inventory management, Shipping and payment"

Modules of ERP Software

Account Management

Asset Management

Inventory Management

Tax Management

Purchase Management

Product planning

Product Manufacturing Management

Supply chain and commercial Management

Product order and Shipping Management

Sales and service Management

CR Management

Human Resource Management

Key Features and Functions of ERP

Accounting – ERP Software helps to manage all of your accounts related activity in a simple and effective way. It also helps to keep your accounting data safe and secure. You can also track your accounting activity any time anywhere.

Asset – Asset management is one of the most important fact for a private, multinational or any company. You need to ensure that, you asset uses for appropriate action as well as in a proper way.

Financial Management – ERP Software helps to control your financial activity and manage in a proper way to get more benefits from your business.

Inventory – Inventory is another important part of a company. You need to ensure all of your business activities done at the appropriate time and in a proper way.

Tax – Tax management is also important for a business. The ERP Software helps to keep all Taxes related data and manage in a proper way. There are also several functions in Tax management, such as Vat return management, Tax classification, Generate Tax report, Tax valuation, payments control and much more.

Purchase – ERP makes purchase management easy and simple. You can manage purchase order, keep purchase data, after sales service, customer data and much more related to purchase.

Product Planning – Product Planning  is the heart of a business. You need to do it in a proper way and track all activity about this. The ERP helps to manage your product planning.

Manufacturing – After product planning, product manufacturing is another important part of a business. It's simple to create a proper plan for manufacturing and track activity using this software.

Supply Chain Management – Supply Chain Management is an important part of Manufacturing that helps to track the flow of raw goods to end product. Using the ERP software, you can easily manage and track the system.

Order and Shipping Management – Product order to shipment is another important part of a company and you need to handle it in a proper way. Through the customize software, you can keep all records of order and shipment of goods as well as track shipping activity.

Sales and Service – The ERP software makes it easy to track all of Sales and Service after sales related activity easily and effectively. With this software, your company can provide better customer service and make more revenue using this software.

Human Resource Management – HRM (Human Resource Management) is one of the most important part of a company. You need to handle it in a proper way and this software makes the task easy.

Which Industry Need This Software?

Bank and financial institutions

Government sector

Manufacturing companies

Multinational companies

Telecom industries

Medicine and chemical industries

Oil or Gas industries

Garments and Textile industries

Retail and wholesale companies

Why You Should Use ERP Software for Your Business?

Integrate all business process in a system

Enhance productivity

Increase performance

Analyze business report

Control all points of business

Eliminate duplicate entry

Reduce cost

Easy to update data

Process and product control

Better customer service

Eliminate complexity

Access data from anytime, anywhere

Increase customer relationship

ecommerce integration

Why Choose Us?

There are so many ERP Software Company in Bangladesh available and provide ERP solutions. We are the leading Software Company In Bangladesh develop different customize ERP Software at a reasonable price. We use modern and secure language to develop ERP software and ensure 100% data security. Our Skilled and experienced team can develop any customize ERP software that according to your demand.

Some of our Features

24 hours support



Ensure delivery time

Ensure clients satisfaction

Customer support through phone, live chat or mail

A7z ERP helps  you managing free consultancy to

•     Organize your billing schedule

•     Stretch out your payables

•     Take advantage of early payment incentives

•     Balance your client base

•     Check your pricing

•     Don't buy all in one place

•     Form a buying cooperative

•     Renegotiate your insurance and supplier policies

•     Tighten your inventory

•     Consider leasing instead of buying

The above 10 ways are the researchable way for building cash flow.

Cost of ERP Software

Generally, the cost of ERP Software varies for different functions and features. Please Contact Us for Details Information or Reguest for an ERP Software Quote. You can also contact Us Directly via or Call Us +88 01716004299.


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