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Students management Software

Students management Software

A7z School Automation Software

School Automation Software will be designed to improve the way the school is managed and a step ahead towards the goal of paperless as of full automation of school administration.It is an interactive platform for all entities of Students, Teachers, Management, Trustees, Parents. The best thing about A7z school management software is that it integrates all the departments, processes and functions of school by consolidating respective information on a central server, which helps in better information sharing and fast retrieval of information, making the task more streamlined and organized. This, in turn, helps school management to take prompt decision.

A7z Students Management Software

Administration management

Every Transaction wise SMS notification

Accounts management

Due management

Collection management

Expense management

Loan management

 Rental management

Mobile App from Student end

Mobile app from Teacher End

Mobile app from Parents end

Mobile app from administrator end

Interactive SMS management

Product Details

Starting Price- Not provided by vendor

Pricing Details Free - Instant access to all features for zero cost.

Free Version --No

Free Trial --No

Deployment- Cloud, SaaS, Web

Mobile - Android Native

Mobile - iOS Native

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About School Management Software

Used in more than 3,500 schools, A7z provides 300+ core features and powerful integrated solutions that automate your school/College administration, Students, Accounts management, communication with the home. This web-based solution also offers a turnkey data conversion and setup process, comprehensive training, and live & in Person Customer Support.

Some features

Setup Create Class

Class List

Create Billing

Billing List

Admit Generator

Billing Department

Student bill

Billing Register

Billing Return

Generate Monthly Fees

Generate Fees

Billing and Return report

Billing and Cash Collection

Individual Student wise Billing report

All Students wise Billing report

Category wise Billing report

Purchase Depart

Purchase order

Purchase order Report

Purchase Register

Purchase Return

Missed Purchase

Purchase Discount Report

Invoice wise Purchase Report

Purchase and Return Report

Individual Supplier Wise Purchase and Return report

Students Management

 Search and Add Student

Ledger book of Student

Collection From Student

Payment To Student

Student Payable

Student Receivable

All Students Collection Report

Individual Student Collection report

Due Report

Due Collection Report

Send SMS individually about due information

Class Wise Student

Class wise Student List

Class wise Student Active Inactive List

Students Information

Class wise Billing, Collection, Current due report

Class wise Billing, Collection, Total due report

All Students Present Due

All Students Total Due

Class Wise Due Report

Class wise Renewal Report

Individual Renewal Report

Manage Suppliers

Search and Add supplier

Ledger book of Suppliers

Pay to Suppliers

Collection From Suppliers

Suppliers Payable

Suppliers Receivable

Supplier payment report

Individual payment to Supplier with report

All supplier due reports


Project management

Project Add

Project Category

View Project Category

Add Project

Add Expense Category

List Expense Category

Add Income Category

List Income Category

Receive For Project

Expense For Project

Individual Project Report

Income Project Report

Expense Project Report

All Project Report

Inventory Manage

Add Category

Add Products

Products Calculation and Stock Report

Stock Report

Products Update

Multiple Stock Dimension Category and Color

Category and Size

Category and IME

Category wise stock report

Products history report


Teachers Management

Add teacher

Total teachers

Generate Salary

Salary Sheet

Salary payment

Receive from teachers

Salary Report

Ledger book of teachers



Add Expense category

Account Header List

Add Expenses

Add Expenses and Expense reports

Ledger Book of Expenses

Cash Bank Accounts

Add Cash bank and Lists

Add Capital

Capital Increment Report

Bank Transaction Details

Individual Bank Collection Report

Individual Bank Payment Report

Cash Bank Status

Cash Bank Transfer Report

Bank Reconciliation

Check Receive Add Check

Check report periodically

Dishonor List

Check Pay Add Check

Check report periodically

Dishonor List

Loan Management

Add receivable Accounts

Summary of Receivable Accounts

Ledger book of Receivable Accounts

Payments receivable Accounts

Add payable Accounts

Summary of Payable Accounts

Ledger book of Payable Accounts

Payment payable accounts

Assets Management

Asset Category

Account Header List

Add assets

Ledger Book of Assets

Report overview

Statement Transaction Report

Individual Transaction Report

Profit and Loss Report

Cash bank Statement Report

Dimension Top Sheet

Online Receive List

Balance sheet

About A7z Soft


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Permission wise user setting



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